If you love one another, respect follows. With respect comes faith --you begin to believe in yourself and your community.

-Ajahn Suchart Yodkerepauprai

about york muay thai

York Muay Thai delivers in the best inclusive, empowering learning experience in martial arts gyms and strives to provide a place where development and improvement is foremost where ‘Love, respect and believe’ are the values all members adopt. Since opening in 2010, York Muay Thai has been running a strong, structured traditional Muay Thai program for community members to learn and develop their skills in the ancient art of Muay Thai.
York Muay Thai is run by a dedicated team of highly qualified instructors led by founder Kru Yai Jenypher Lanthier, IKKC Professional Women’s Flyweight Champion, a top level coach in the sport with 16 years of martial arts experience. All instructors are selectively chosen and are mentored and trained through a curriculum developed over many years and aligning with the traditional teachings from the original school of Siam No. 1. The team of instructors work together to ensure all students are supported properly through their practice and have the help they need.
Classes are for all levels and walk you through step-by-step the basics of proper Muay Thai technique, applications of each weapon, fighting strategy and on-going supported practice in the art. Classes emphasize fitness as well and provide a fun and interactive way to lose weight, strengthen the body and increase stamina. Whether your goal is to get fit, learn something new or compete as a fighter, the classes focus on student development of proper execution of fitness and Muay Thai techniques and accommodate everyone at their different levels of ability. All instructors and students are expected to endorse a respectful environment and contribute to a safe and positive place for everyone to learn. York Muay Thai also supports the growth of fighters and are an active competitor in the sport of Muay Thai internationally. They have developed a strong fighters program that has proven success through performance results and winning of several championships. The fighters program provides comprehensive training and proper guidance from experienced and active coaches to ensure all fighters are well-prepared for competition and have the learning tools to develop long-term.
Come be a part of a unique community and see how the learning and practice of Muay Thai can change your life!

August Long Weekend Hours, 2018

August 2018 long weekend hours: closed Aug 4, 5, 6 …
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Congratulations to our new Intermediates!

As we move another set of students up the ladder of our curriculum at YMT, we want to remind them that above sky there is still sky: *Your path as a martial artist is not one narrow lane, but an open field- be it as a student in class continuing to learn techniques, a fighter who wants to test themslves through the sport, or a becoming a mentor to pass on this beautiful art to the next generation. There is something for everyone who is willing to grow, and you can develop in all of these aspects if you truly wish. The fun part of learning Muay Thai is that you’re really learning about yourself. You may feel like you have one of these roles in …
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Happy July Cake Day, YMT kids!

A happy cake day to our July babies! Only Yaniv was here to represent them, and when asked to smile had firmly chosen this expression 🙂 Thanks to PC Genie for the cupcakes!! …
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YMT earns 2 gold, 2 silver (5-2) at MTO Provincials 2018!

It was very great weekend at the 2018 MTO Provincial TournmTour for YMT! Day 1: Matan won both preliminary and semi final bouts (10-11 yr old 40kg c class). Koen won his semi final bout (10-11 yr old 40 kg c class). Originally, both boys were separate weight classes. When it turned out that Koen would have no match, we made a hard decision to move Koen into Matan’s. With both boys victorious on day 1, this would mean they would fight for the gold on day 2. Day 2: Matan defeated Koen in a very close and technical match. As coaches we weren’t sure who might have taken the fight, but overall we are happy with how they performed. As far as we are …
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