Kids Sparring Class on Fridays 630pm

Kids sparring class on Friday! Invitation only (red shorts minimum), and must have equipment! Please ask your instructors for more info!

SheSpars and Initiative for Women in Muay Thai

Thank you to all the ladies who came out to SheSpars!! PC Jen Boffo did a great job bringing everyone together once again, and we were very grateful to host :). Kru Jen also had a chance to speak to of all the ladies about the initiatives for women in...

Vote Kru Jen for Female Coach of the Year!

Voting for the 2017 Awakening Awards are open and Kru Jen has been nominated for female coach of the year! You can place your vote for her at the link below: #yorkmuaythai #ymt #ymteam #muaythai #muaythaiontario #muaythaicanada #toronto #Torontofitness #torontolife #torontomartialarts #torontomuaythai #awakeningfemalefighters

3 Months for $199 expires on Feb 1st!!

Don't miss out on the best resolution you can make any time of the year: to commit to yourself! Now easier to do with this amazing deal! Expires Feb 1st!!  

Fighters Meeting Jan 12, 6:30pm

All interested in competing for this new year, make it out for this information session on Friday Jan 13 at 6:30pm!  Train as a team!  

PCP’s Movie Pick for January: Breaking the Ice (2014)

As some of you probably already know, the 2018 Winter Olympics is starting next month. The best Olympic stories, in my opinion, are the underdog stories. We all know Michael Phelps is going to win a ton of Gold medals, it's just a question of how many. I'd rather hear...

Hoodies, hats and pants are IN!!

Train warm this winter with our new YMT hoodies, sweatpants and hats!  Comfortable material for training and for relaxing 🙂 If you pre ordered yours, come in and grab it!  

Straight Punch Month begins!

Straight Punch Month begins! Straight punches are this month's focus! Back to basics with these versatile and powerful weapons. Use them as single power shots or rapid fire in combination... There are so many opportunities to explore. Get ready to smash pads, and drill counters like it's 2018!

Holiday Promo: 3 Months for $199!!!

Our holiday gift to you!! Don't miss out on this limited offer for 3 months training at ONLY $199!! Available to both new and existing students! *Expires Feb 1, 2018