Mike Fu started with us almost 7 years ago, and his work ethic was so impressive that he was one of our original students of the month. As fate would have it, he had to move out of province a few short months later. It wasn’t till late last year that Mike made it back to YMT. Since his return, he reignited his flame and set his sights on the goal of fighting. Mike lost 40 lbs through a strong training camp and proper dieting (courtesy of B-Elite). On March 24th, he stepped into the ring for the first time and fought his heart out. Sometimes life takes us in confusing directions, but if we dedicate ourselves to our goals, we can find our way in the end. Welcome back home, Mike!

Maya Petriello is our kids student of the month! A fantastic job done by one of our most positive and hard working students. Maya is always there to give a cheerful Wai and Sawadeekha, while never backing down from a challenge. She is also an attentive and kind partner to her team mates! Way to go!


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