As we move another set of students up the ladder of our curriculum at YMT, we want to remind them that above sky there is still sky:

*Your path as a martial artist is not one narrow lane, but an open field- be it as a student in class continuing to learn techniques, a fighter who wants to test themslves through the sport, or a becoming a mentor to pass on this beautiful art to the next generation. There is something for everyone who is willing to grow, and you can develop in all of these aspects if you truly wish. The fun part of learning Muay Thai is that you’re really learning about yourself. You may feel like you have one of these roles in mind right now, but be surprised at how your journey may dip into the others over time.

*While there are many new things to learn, much of “advancing” in Muay Thai is also about sharpening old tools. It’s about realizing that master level craftsmanship is often taking a block of material and carving away at it to make something beautiful. It’s addition by subtraction. Taking what we have already learned and tinkering at it is a never ending endeavor for a true student of Muay Thai.

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