Last night (Nov 3) in Buffalo we arrived to find out the rules would not be Muaythai as we expected but they would be K1. We took the news and adjusted. Lia fought a tough opponent for her first time in the ring and did amazing. She listened and landed countless unanswered shots at will. Unfortunately, we don’t know how but she lost a decision. Even though we disagree, we accept this and will come back stronger.

Fritz fought a beautiful fight, showing his skill as he always does. We went 1-1 last night but in our hearts we went 2-0. Thank you to all who made the drive to support us, we appreciate you all so much.

As well, a shout out to our friends from Redemption Muay Thai, who also went 2-0. Michelle won her fight and Jake won his first pro title. Congrats Team Red!


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