Hey, check out this interview with #yumtalum Mary @madman_madre by @northfightofficial . Mary started at York University Muay Thai a couple years back and has always displayed the straight-up curiosity needed to progress as a martial artist. She’s focused and patient, with a mind for refining the basics. You show her something new and she goes home and practices it until it’s habit. Mary continues to train at @yorkmuaythai with a potential goal of getting in the ring one day. We wish her luck with her development into a fighter. Don’t forget to visit! # @northfightofficial!

“I’m an accounting student right now, but I’m honestly more of an artsy person. My dad was a really creative person, so I got that from him. Painting, drawing, but also, obviously Muay Thai.”

“It seems pretty cheesy but the old kung fu movies drew me into martial arts. When I was little, I watched movies like Karate Kid and that really got me into the whole thing. Then it eventually came to the point where I didn’t want to say ‘I wish I can do that.’ I hated just having it as a wish. So, that developed into ‘I’m gonna do that’ and that’s why I committed to training for two years so far.

“Right now, I train for just staying fit, but, once I finish graduating from York University, I’m gonna try actual fighting and competition.”

“For inspiration, of course, Kru Patrick (@pwwallace2). He was the one who introduced me to Muay Thai, and every other fighter in the sport. He showed me videos of awesome fighters like Simon Marcus (@simonmarcusno1) and also Liam Harrison (@liambadco). It‘s always very satisfying watching Liam fight. I love his form and control, like in the way he expresses his anger [during training].

“This might seem cliché, but the word ‘fighting’ to me is a test of skill, to see who is better dedicated to the sport. It’s not violent in any way. It’s an art form, and is respectful to both participants involved.”

“For anybody who is scared to join a gym, because of being self-conscious or thinking they’re not ready, just go for it. I don’t think there’s ever going to be a time to actually be ready, so seek discomfort

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