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“I got into it when I was 17, when I came here to Toronto from Ottawa. When I first saw the movie Girl Fight, with Michelle Rodriguez, I went ‘hmm, I wanna try that out.’ So, I went to Mississauga, I trained for the whole month I was there, and then I went back home to finish school. Since there was no way for me to train, I moved here six months later. I still have the ticket stub, by the way!”

“Muay Thai in Thailand has always been a survival thing. You woke up, you brushed your teeth, and you went to train. It was a choice for me, it never was for them. The kids there? They were always cheery, even before a 14 km run at 5 a.m. It was just what they did. That was truly eye-opening.”

“One of the reasons, among many, why we’re not in the Olympics already, is because it was initially called ‘Muay Thai’ – two words. You cannot have the country name in the art, it has to be all-inclusive, so they merged it into one word – ‘Muaythai.’ I don’t think there’s anyone, Thai or not, who doesn’t want to be in the Olympics. I think the best thing we have right now is The Sports Authority and IFMA working together to both preserve the art, along with gaining Olympic acceptance.”

“In the ring, you are fundamentally and emotionally naked. You cannot hide; someone is trying to hurt you, and your truest nature will then be revealed. That is how I view fighting, and why becoming a fighter is challenging in more than one way. As for Muay Thai’s future, the responsibility for what we want the art to become is on the Kru’s. You have to ‘want’ to pass on an authentic version of the art, the language, and the philosophy so that the following generation can appreciate Muaythai for more than just a striking art.”

🥊 Founder of @yorkmuaythai, Central Regional Director of @muaythaicanada, and Former President of @muaythaiontario, Jenypher Lanthier (@justjenypher)

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