A huge thanks to everyone who has been supporting us through this time! Since reopening, YMT has stuck to fairly tight restrictions, and thanks all of you for sticking to them with us! As a reminder:

1. Booking a class is now done in advance through the **Glofox app**, which must be done to ensure we have 20 people per class maximum. Waitlists are available on this app, as well as the ability to **cancel if necessary**. The app also allows us to track attendance, should it be necessary to contact you.

We have also modified the schedule, which is reflected in Glofox. The update to our website schedule is coming soon!

2. Please wear a face covering upon entry, and only remove it when you have reached your training area.

3. By sticking the to the schedule, you allow staff the time to properly clean each training area before the next class begins. Please exit through the rear doors without lingering, in order to prevent traffic.

Bonus!! 4. Please come appropriately dressed! You may need a “tear away pants” solution, and start wearing sweaters as the weather gets cooler. We do keep the doors open and use strategically placed fans to keep ventilation going. Don’t worry, we’ll warm you up properly.


*This post has been edited to reflect protocol as of fall 2021.