Ontario JUST announced they are moving up the date for entering Stage 3! This would mean indoor training is coming back!
While we are excited, there are still many questions left to consider, which will affect how quickly we reopen, and the guidelines we will have to follow. We DO NOT have all of the answers right now, but will post again when we can give you more.
Till then, you guys can make sure you’re ready by:
1) having a glofox account! If you don’t, we’ve attached instructions on how to make one at the bottom of this post! This is mandatory for being able to book and attend classes.
2) stay tuned to our social media and website for more info. We will update as soon as we can confirm more details!
3) pass the word on to any members or friends that may be interested!
** Until we have re opened, please send your inquiries to info@yorkmuaythai.com, rather than phoning the facility. Thanks!! **