A Mixed Levels class is open to both beginners (Yellow shorts) and intermediates (Blue Shorts). It consists of two portions: warm up and conditioning, followed by technical practice. A warm up will include skipping, body weight exercises (variations of push up, core work and squats), partner drills and shadow boxing. Depending on the class, the warm up may utilize other training equipment (medicine balls, battle ropes, resistance bands etc). This portion is meant to push your body to its limit, while strengthening and preparing your muscles for training the techniques in the class curriculum.

The technical portion of class can include pad work, partner drills and bag work. The class curriculum will be divided to accommodate both beginner and intermediate levels. Drills will follow our curriculum’s “weapon of the month”: Each month will focus on one Muay Thai technique, and each week will focus on a particular aspect of it (offense, defense, etc).


Like Mixed Levels classes, Muay Thai Fundamentals is open to both beginners (Yellow shorts) and intermediates (Blue Shorts). It will also consist of a warm up followed by technical practice, similar to Mixed Levels classes. However, it will focus solely on beginner level curriculum during the technical portion. The class will study and practice the “weapon of the month”, with a focus on reinforcing the basic movements of Muay Thai. Those who have just begun to train Muay Thai are highly recommended to attend this class.


Intermediate Muay Thai classes are open to Blue shorts only. These classes will also consist of a warm up and a technical portion. The warm ups in these classes will usually be more challenging to suit the more experienced student or fighter, and build them even further. The technical portion will include technical sparring, partner drills, bag work and sometimes full sparring and clinching. These classes also follow the curriculum’s “weapon of the month”. Students will either train advanced variations of techniques, or reinforce basics in a more realistic manner. Ring strategy is explored deeper in these classes than in Mixed Levels or Fundamentals.


Sparring is open to Blue shorts only. Sparring begins with a 30 minute warm up that focuses more on dynamic stretching, shadow boxing and partner drills. This is followed by full contact sparring for an hour. Students switch partners every round, in order to adapt to different body types and skill sets. The class then ends with clinching, with each student rotating to a new partner at different intervals. After each session, a group discussion takes place to address any questions or feedback.

Students must have full Muay Thai gear to participate: mouth guard, sparring gloves, shin guards, elbow pads (mandatory for B and A class athletes), knee pads and a jock (for men).


Clinch class is designed to build skills in the closest range of Muay Thai fighting. Each Tuesday, drills are practiced in order to help you deliver strong knees and elbows when grappling, as well as adapt to different threats. On Mondays and Thursdays, students can “free clinch”- a clinch only session where students can apply their skills in a free flowing environment.


York Muay Thai’s kids program offers students between 5-13 years old an excellent environment for developing coordination, applying team work skills and learning traditional martial arts technique. Each child’s physical conditioning and focus is challenged and improved through learning Muay Thai, and participating in active games with their peers. Call or email to book your child’s free trial class today! Also offered on Saturdays: Mom, Dad and Me Muay Thai! Parents can train along side their children every Saturday morning! A great way to get in shape and learn new skills while your child does the same!

Youth between the ages of 13-17 are welcome to come our Youth classes, which are 1.5 hours in length. Youth classes focus on strong physical conditioning and developing solid technique. Students develop confidence and skill through Muay Thai practice.


York Muay Thai’s Women’s Only class (starts March 1st 2020) is a safe, energetic and empowering learning environment for ladies to learn Muay Thai. Every Sunday from 10:30am till 12pm, Nak Muay Ying (female Muay Thai practitioners) will develop their confidence through a full body work out and fun partner drills!


New for 2020 is our Kettlebell program!

This is a fun and challenging class that will teach you how to use these effective training tools to develop stability, strength and endurance in a functional way. We have developed a program we are very proud of that will have a positive impact on your Muay Thai, and every day performance!


Kids of all ages can learn the ins and outs of Chess from a professional Chess coach! Chess is an excellent way to have fun while developing sound logic and reasoning skills. These classes are the perfect compliment to martial arts training. Please inquire about the rates for kids chess class!