Q.How do I get my free trials?

COVID Update: Things haven’t changed in order to book your free trials. Please call 416-739-8424 or E-mail info@yorkmuaythai.com to speak to our welcoming staff to book your free trial sessions! In order to also book, you will have to sign-up as a Recreational Member to Muay Thai Ontario, which is free! (Link Provided Below) Muay Thai Ontario was paramount in helping many gyms across Ontario open earlier than other fitness gyms as they worked directly with the Provincial Government of Ontario to help set standards and practices that all gyms teaching Muay Thai should be following! As well, in light of COVID, many business have begun using a booking system of one form or another to reserve spots, be it on patios, gyms or restaurants. We have begun to use MyStudio, which is available on the iOS & Google Play Store! Once you create a free profile, you’ll enter the studio code of ‘yorkmuaythai153’ and be able to book your free trial class; which are available on Wednesdays at 6pm and Sundays at 11am! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!
MTO Recreational Member Link

Simply call 416-739-8424 or E-mail info@yorkmuaythai.com and speak to our friendly staff to book your free trial sessions!


Q.Why should I train at York Muay Thai?

York Muay Thai blends together all the aspects of Muay Thai from the great workout, the technique of authentic Muay Thai and the language/cultural of the Thai people. Each class is full of hard work, specific technique, and Thai philosophies. At York Muay Thai we focus on changing lives for the better through Muay Thai.


Q.What will my first class be like?

COVID Update: Due to COVID, we have had to change our class schedules to ensure everyone can get a chance to train! Classes are now 45 minutes in length; but even with the reduction of time, we have increased the intensity to make sure everyone gets a good workout! Your first class will consist of a short warm-up before diving into the basics of technique! A dedicated instructor will help show you the fundamentals behind stance, punching, kicking, kneeing and elbows!

Your first class will begin with an introduction to our school and family. We begin the classes with a 35 – 45 minute workout followed by stretching and and full hour of technical drills. For the technical portion you will have your own class with other beginner students and your own instructor to help walk you through all the basics and fundamentals of Muay Thai such as stance and footwork. We will also explain some basic Thai culture.


Q.What do I need for my first class?

COVID Update: As we are still dealing with the COVID Pandemic, we ask that trials come dressed and ready to participate in class! We have closed our change rooms in order to uphold social distancing regulations. We highly recommend to bring a big water bottle or multiple bottles and a snack for after class! Gloves cannot be provided any longer to trials, and we encourage people to bring their own if they have them, but as you’ll be learning fundamental techniques, you will not be hitting anything very hard with your hands!

Typically people wear a T-shirt or tank top and a pair of shorts. Shorts allow us to see the technique more clearly in the legs. However, wear anything that you feel comfortable in, which could include tights or jogging pants. Bring water, a towel and a snack for after the workout. Handwraps can be purchased at the school and gloves will be provided for your first few classes.


.What if I am really out of shape?

That is ok! Everyone has to start somewhere and York Muay Thai is a great place to kick start your fitness goals. Each class is a graduation from fitness to technique. Our instructors always work with each student to help them progress at their own level and speed. Our family of instructors and students will always keep you motivated and improving.


Q.Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely! At York Muay Thai we realize that it can be a little intimidating trying your first Muay Thai class alone. Although we have a very great group of welcoming students, we encourage every member to bring a friend.


Q.How often should I be training each week?

If you are a new student typically three days a week is a great start. You want to challenge your body but not over train and injure yourself. As you get comfortable with the workouts, you are more then welcome to increase your training as you wish.


Q.What equipment do I need to buy for classes and where do I get it?

Beginners should buy hand-wraps, Thai shorts and bag gloves first.  Once you are further along in your progression of Muay Thai we encourage you to pick up some shin-guards and sparring gloves. York Muay Thai sells all the equipment you will need including other Thai related clothing and accessories.


Q.How many women train at York Muay Thai?

Our Kru Yai is a women and we are very welcoming of women, we offer a Women Only class as well! We have many women enrolled at Muay Thai training very hard; some are champions, some are avid practitioners and some are health enthusiasts! The environment we curate is focus on dissolving ego and very friendly encouraging women to enjoy learning Muay Thai.


Q.Will I get a good workout?

Absolutely you will and the workouts gradually increase and change so your body is constantly being challenged with varying workouts.